[RPG] - Local Table Upload

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[RPG] - Local Table Upload

Post by mwilliams » Fri May 26, 2017 5:23 am

Is there a way to limit what data is sent during an upload process or is it all or nothing?

For example, I have local tables that stores delivery information for a driver. As a driver completes a delivery, we want to upload the delivery changes, pictures, etc. that happened if the driver is online. If the driver is not online, then we are attempting to set up a background process that checks the connectivity status and when online then send the data. The problem is that during the period of time that the driver is offline, the driver has started another delivery and made changes but the delivery is not yet complete so we wouldn't want to send data related to that delivery. Plus, we would like to send the data in small chunks. Basically 1 delivery at a time.

Is that something that can be handled through LongRange where we determine what to send, or is it something that we basically have to code for and determine what records to process and what not to since we are just going to get everything that is on the phone at the time of upload?

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Re: [RPG] - Local Table Upload

Post by tsupartono » Fri May 26, 2017 7:49 am

The easiest way would be to set up a different table for upload.
For the other (non-upload) tables, you set the "Row Submit Mode" to "Never Submit". Set the upload table to "Submit When Modified".
When you have something to upload, you'd queue that in the upload table.
Clear the upload table after you have submitted to the server.

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