[RPG/LongRange] Database Upload

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[RPG/LongRange] Database Upload

Post by mwilliams » Tue Jul 02, 2019 4:25 pm

I was wondering if there has been any reported issues using the database upload process. We have an offline mobile application that hasn't been changed in a long time. In that application we have a posting process that uploads data when the phone is connected to the server. It used to work but now, when it tries to post, the property /DB.BATCHTABLECOUNT is always 0. It's as if nothing is being sent up. I am using android's LongRange version 35 and axes 311.

Any ideas as to what it could be would be helpful.


Code: Select all

function () {
                "RunOperation.Type": "PerformAction",
                "RunOperation.Pgm": "MOR3598",
                "RunOperation.Action": "",
                "RunOperation.SendDBData": "Y"

Code: Select all

tblCount   = lrng_getNumProperty('/DB.BATCHTABLECOUNT');    
tblStrIdx  = lrng_getNumProperty('/DB.BATCHTABLESTARTIDX'); 
tblEndIdx  = tblStrIdx + tblCount - 1;                      
tblHasMore = lrng_getPropAsBool('/DB.HASMOREDATA');         
if (tblStrIdx > 0);   
  // do stuff

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Re: [RPG/LongRange] Database Upload

Post by jasonzhou » Tue Jul 02, 2019 8:15 pm

Did you do any modification for local data? The data won't be re-uploaded if there is no change and the row submit mode is "Submit when Modified"

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