LongRange RV23

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LongRange RV23

Post by tsupartono » Tue Aug 23, 2016 11:27 am

LongRange RV23 has been released for iOS, Android, and Windows.

New features in this version:
  • Ability to add/move pins on maps.
  • Grid separator lines for forms and tables
  • Ability to turn flash on/off when using barcode scanner (iOS & Android)
  • ECL function that does reverse geocoding (geo-coordinate => address)
  • Web View – extra option for window.open JavaScript function – to open window in full screen.
  • Ability to retrieve the symbolic name of the current form view.
Bug fixes:
  • Web View - window.open with target=self opens in a new window – now fixed to open in the same window.
  • Timeout set in Studio doesn’t take effect with RPG backend.
  • LR Windows – JavaScript API – SQLite API – failed to execute long SQL query (more than 1300 characters).
Important changes:

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