Advance notice - Apple to enforce HTTPS from January 2017

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Advance notice - Apple to enforce HTTPS from January 2017

Post by tsupartono » Wed Nov 16, 2016 10:55 pm

Apple has announced that starting from January 2017, all apps (including LongRange) on the App Store are to use HTTPS (TLS) connection only.

This means you must enable HTTPS on your server now (and enable SSL setting in the server profile in all your client devices) in preparation for this. You'd also need to deploy your CA to the client devices if your server uses a self-signed certificate.
Note also that the server must be configured to use TLS version 1.2, anything below that will not work.

This mandatory use of HTTPS will be imposed on the LongRange versions downloaded from the App Store from January 2017 onward. If you are still running an older version of LongRange (pre-2017), you will not be subjected to it (however you'd need to disable auto updates on your iOS devices in order to stop it from automatically updating LongRange).

Please contact LANSA Support ( if you have any questions.

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