LongRange RV30 & RV29

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LongRange RV30 & RV29

Post by jasonzhou » Wed Jan 31, 2018 6:11 pm

LongRange RV30 has been released for iOS and Android.

New features in this version:

(1) Add 5 new properties for Barcode element:
  • FlashOn: If turning on the flash when scanner is launched
  • CameraPosition: Select which camera (Back or Front) is used when start scanning
  • AllowFixedFocus (iOS only): if display the focus adjustment widget on screen
  • ViewfinderWidth: The width of scanning area as percentage of screen width
  • ViewfinderHeight: The height of scanning area as percentage of screen height
(2) Support the barcode scanner on ZEBRA RFD8500 device on iOS.

New features added since RV29

(1) Supports 3 barcode scanner engines - Default, System (iOS only) and Google

(2) Support 5 new barcode types - UPCE, CODE93, DATAMATRIX(System or Google engine), PDF417(System or Google engine), AZTEK(System or Google engine)

(3) Add IconSizeCategory (Small, Medium, Large) property for Checkbox element to adjust the size of checkbox

(4) Add TabStop property for Textbox and Dropdown element indicating whether the user can give the focus to this control using the TAB key

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